Social Media Beauty Phenomenon


If you have ventured onto the beauty side of social media recently, no doubt you have encountered a video or two of cisgender women partaking in an interesting new trend. Phenomenon may be a better descriptive here, rather, as trend seems a bit too generous a term. This phenomenon, then, involves gluing fake eyelashes around the rim of one’s nostrils.

While there have been points throughout history wherein the idea of challenging beauty norms as a social statement has actually become its own beauty trend in itself— such as the 1920s and 1980s, with their respective exaggerated makeup and hair trends— however, the 2010s thus far has not seemed to follow suit. The 2010s, in beauty, have been mostly a decade of enhancing or even changing one’s natural features in order to look as perfect and airbrushed as possible.

(Photo: Instagram / gret_chen_che)

This phenomenon, however, has challenged this narrative on more than one count, which is why it is so fascinating. Nose hair has traditionally been seen as something disgusting and unwanted among all genders, but particularly among cisgendered women, and here some avant-garde individuals have attempted to change this by trying to make nose hair seem almost couture and desirable. The fact that these people are using fake eyelashes to achieve this is even more intriguing, as they are taking a form of body hair enhancement that is seen as acceptable and desirable and using it for a more subversive purpose. “Why is some body hair seen as beautiful and other body hair is not?” they seem to be saying.

I have not seen anyone wearing nose hair “extensions” in the street yet, and have only seen a few articles and videos on the phenomenon, which is why I am hesitant to call it a trend. I personally think that it will be relegated to instagram and the like. However, it is overall interesting and subversive to think on. I doubt I will be partaking in it, but still— I always applaud those trying to change beauty norms.


(Photo: Instagram / gret_chen_che)

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