Trending, trending, gone.

PC:Andrew Storms on Flickr

With the turn of a new season or an emergence of a new trend online, we’re always talking about what’s in style. However, not much focus is given to those fads that were quickly left behind. So let’s dig into the past and uncover the then-hot and now “on the back burner” items in contemporary fashion.

1. Crocs

PC:Andrew Storms on Flickr

Rubbery clogs with holes, often in bright colors and occasionally adorned with charms. 


2. Chokers


A few months ago, these tight ribbon-or-elastics were everywhere, but disappeared with summer and have yet to return. Where could they have gone? At the very least, neck stiffness can be less of an issue.


3. Peplum Tops


A way to add a little texture and flair to an outfit, these tight tops are now sometimes compared to toddler dresses as tops, but that’s up for discussion.




Perhaps an attempt to combine the practicality of a sneaker with the class of a heel. It was a nifty way to “secretly” add a few more inches, but in the end, the marriage of sneakers and heels probably wasn’t meant to be.



Whether guilty of these faded trends, you should ultimately wear what makes you feel good! 






Image Credits:
Crocs: Andrew Storms
Choker: InExtermiss
Top: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Sneakers: ash bowie 3


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