Five Easy 10 Minute Fall Hairstyles


1. Overnight Natural Waves



First, part your hair in whatever direction you want your curls to go. Then, the number of braids you’ll make will depend on how tight or flowy you want your waves to look. Meaning, if you want softer curls, make one or two braids, but if you want more noticeable curls you can make as many curls as you desire. You can do french braids or regular braids (up to you!). Go to sleep & once you undo the braid….. waaa-lah. You have cute, effortless curls! You can do this with wet or damp hair.

Pro tip: Use hairspray to ensure that the curls last all day. You can also use dry shampoo to create a more voluminous look (this is applied to small sections of your roots).


2. The Classic Messy Bun










First, grab all of your hair, almost as if you are are going to put it in a ponytail. Pull it up and twist it upward (as pictured above). Then, hold on to the bottom part and slowly bring it down in a circular motion. Lastly, tie it with a hair tie and as simple as that, you have a messy bun! 

Pro tip: Shake your hair up a little bit to create a more natural, messy look (put your fingers near your roots & move them back and forth). The messier the better!


3. Half Up Top Knot Do


This look is also almost every hair length friendly! First, section off what half part you will want to be in a Top Knot. Then, bring it up like you would for a normal bun and make it a bun in a circular motion. There you have it. You’ve created a Half up Top Knot do!

Pro tip: To spunk your look a little more, you can curl the bottom half a little bit to create effortless beachy waves or use the trick of overnight waves to complete the look!


4. Front French Braid










This is perfect for most hair lengths and super simple. First, section off what you want to braid. Then, grab three strands of hair and begin to intertwine them together all across the front section of your head. Make sure to secure the ends with little rubber bands or bobby pins (in form of an “X”)  to ensure that braid stays in place all day.
Pro Tip: If you don’t want the bobby pins to show, cover them up with hair strands and no one will even notice that they are there!


5. Wrapped Sleek Ponytail


First, to create the sleek look, comb back your hair into a ponytail. Make sure to get rid of all of the fly-a-ways (you can use the link to help with that). Then, grab a small strand of hair (1 in. or smaller) and wrap it around the hair tie. Use a bobby pin to hold that stand of hair down.

Pro tip: You can hide the bobby pin by inserting it in front of the hair tie and one will notice it. However, be careful not to stab your scalp during this process!


Hope that these easy hair do’s come in handy during your busy mornings.

Remember life isn’t perfect but your hair can be!

With love,



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