Top it Off: A Hat is the Accessory You Need

The common notion that hats are used to cover up a bad hair day may apply on some days, but hats are meant for so much more than that. Hats are one of the most versatile accessories. Season to season, an array of styles are offered to meet the needs of any environment.  From ball caps to fedoras, a hat for any occasion or activity is out there.


A hat is the accessory too often forgotten. By throwing on a wide brim fedora with just about any outfit, the addition adds a layer of uniqueness.  Beanies offer warmth on a cold day and baseball caps provide shade on a sunny one.  From day to night, the same hat can be worn whether its providing practicality to a day look or chicness on a night out.  

Hats are taking the accessory world by storm as classic styles take on the season’s boldest colors and timeless prints.  Some of the most popular styles today are fiddler caps and wide brim fedoras. Brands offering some of the most coveted hats to date are Brixton, Goorin Bros, Free People, and Lack of Color.   IMG_7118

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