Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing that is designed to workout in, is now being used in multiple settings. These settings include school, work, and other social settings. It is now socially acceptable and common to see people in yoga pants, tights, legging, and sweaters on a daily basis outside of a college town. Nowadays, it is considered a fashion movement that is trendy, comfortable, and versatile.

These athleisure looks can easily be dressed up or down as shown in the pictures below. You also can add a motto or bomber jacket to give it more a chic look.

Some of FAST’s favorite looks for women:


Motto Jacket looks 


Jean jacket, sweats, and sneaker look 

Some of FAST’s favorite looks for men:










Casual jogger jumpsuit



Jogger and bomber jacket look 

Students like us now have the perfect excuse to make a fashion statement and still be comfortable during the long school day.


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