Scarves for the Season


It’s the accessory that can make an outfit look comfy and cozy, or elegant and sleek. Winter time is great for getting out your scarves, and if you don’t own any, a great time to make a useful purchase.

It’s stylish, it keeps your neck warm, it completes your outfit. What more is there to say?!

Well, a bit more.

Scarves are great when you want to give your outfit some contrast. For example, if you’re styling a black outfit and the weather is gloomy, you can wear a burnt orange colored scarf to add a splash of color.

If you’re wearing an outfit based on two colors, such as a nude coat and a black top, you can choose soft tones like off-white or light blue when picking a scarf.

Now let’s say that some days you don’t want to be wearing a scarf that makes it seem like your neck is lost in the comfy material. There are several ways to style scarves, and many YouTube videos to help you add some “oomph”. Here are two collages to start giving you some ideas. Simply searching “how to style scarves” on your browser after reading this post will redirect you to videos and pictures galore.



Now ideas on where and what kind of scarf to wear. Fancy outing? Cashmere wool. Casual picnic date in a park? Linen. Cold evening stroll around the city? Wool. Going for an artsy look? Cotton.

Scarves are a great way to add more texture and color to your outfit, and a great way to display your unique sense of style. Now, you don’t have to buy several scarves, but if you end up with half a closet of scarves, well, we commend you.

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