Fashion Illustration Tips and Walkthrough


If you¬†follow fashion-related media, you’ve probably come across stylized fashion illustrations (one of our favorites is eris_tran on Instagram)! Fashion illustrations can also be useful to add a pop to brochures, and are simply fun to draw. With that, this post will present a short tutorial on how to make your own.

  1. Brainstorm
Here's a sample Pinterest board I made for this walkthrough
Here’s a sample Pinterest board for this walk through

Before even putting your pencil to the paper, it’s good to have at least an idea of what you’re going to create. This is where brainstorming comes in. Instagram, image searches, and Pinterest are great places to find inspiration. Creating a mood board (e.g. on Pinterest) is also great, because it reminds you of what you’re trying to portray even if you spread your work out over a long period of time.

2.  Sketch

Now that you have your idea, it’s time to start sketching, preferably with a pencil so it’s easy to erase mistakes. Some notes about fashion sketching:

  • Fashion sketch figures are usually taller than real people. The average adult is usually around 8 heads tall, but fashion drawings can be 10 heads tall and beyond
  • It’s fine to omit drawing the face, a foot, etc. The clothes are the most important!
  • Don’t be afraid to exaggerate the figure: super tapered arms and legs, super flexible torsos… almost anything goes. Own your style!
  • Anatomical knowledge is important, but again, doesn’t have to be absolute.


3. Cleaning up

Once your sketch gives you a pretty good idea, clean it up with a pen. If the pencil sketch is quite clean, or if it’s part of a look you want to achieve, feel free to skip this.


4. Finish

Add a touch of color! Colored pencil, markers, and water color are great tools for this. Digital programs like Photoshop are also good for adding color. And then your piece will be ready to face the world!


Start your mood boards now, and we can’t wait to hear about the illustrations you create!

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