d162a66906cbe20c946e906bee366786Although they most likely reached the height of their popularity before most, if not all, of us here at FAST were born, we’ve noticed that scrunchies have been coming back into style in a big way during the past few years, and we are thrilled.

Their first big benefit is that they are quite visible in your hair from a distance, unlike regular hair elastics or hair bands, so they make more of a statement from afar.

They also do not tear or damage your hair much, if at all, especially when compared with regular hair elastics.


It’s also quite easy to change hairstyles with them, from having your hair up to having your hair down, without creating as much of a wave in your hair as a tighter elastic would.

On top of all of that, they are very cute, especially when color-matched to a prominent feature of your outfit.

Their only downside is that they easily slip out of your hair— fashion often calls for hard sacrifices such as these.

Not only are scrunchies perfect for messy hair days, but also this accessory adds a fun twist to any outfit. We especially encourage you to incorporate scrunchies with more street style looks. Try a colorful scrunchie with your favorite fall sweater, black boyfriend jeans, and a denim jacket. Let us know what looks you put together with scrunchies!

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