Brandy Melville and Social Protest

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Being a Berkeley student, you most likely already know the importance of social protests as well as the incredible impact that said protests can have on the world. However, just in case you need a reminder, here is an interesting example of a successful protest regarding the fashion world which may hit a bit closer to home.

Brandy Melville, an extremely popular clothing retailer among pre-teens, teens, and young adults from the early 2010s onward, boasts many Bay Area locations. One of the newest, if not the newest, location(s) popped up on Telegraph, right across the street from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union.

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The store is well-known for their policy of “one size fits most,” for which they have come under fire many times within recent years, as this method of sizing obviously excludes many people. Their mission statement of “one size fits most,” however, used to be more extreme— “one size fits all.” They have expanded their sizing on several items, including jeans and other bottoms.

To put this more bluntly, direct action has been taken by Brandy Melville because of the complaints filed against them. Perhaps if the pressure is kept up on them, one day they will have more sizes for all of their clothing items. In any case, the fact that they have expanded their sizing at all is proof that protest in any form does work, and should be exercised. Fight on, readers!




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