Garret Christensen's 2007 CDT Yo-Yo

From May 2, 2007 at 8PM to October 28, 2007 at 9:30AM, I hiked the Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada and back.  I'd say it was roughly 6,000 miles and the greatest adventure of my life (thus far).

Below is all the information I've posted on the trail.  The "Detailed Updates" might be useful for people who printed out or bought guide/map materials in '07 but are really hiking in '08 and don't want to re-print/re-buy materials.  The itineraries (both predicted and actual), and the description of my alternate routes might also be useful to somebody planning their own hike.  But most likely you've come for the photos.  Enjoy.

Pre-hike Website, FAQ, and Gear List
Predicted and Actual Hike Itineraries (Excel file of both)
Photos from the Trip:
    Regular Photos (100+ photos arranged chronologically to show you the whole story)
    Panoramas (<15 massive stitched panoramas just for scenic effect)
Detailed Updates to Jonathan Ley's 2007 Maps (Word Doc)
Detailed Updates to Yogi's 2007 CDT Town Guide (Word Doc)
Complete Description of My Alternates (now including maps for the "Butte Super Cut-Off")
Trail Journal (My Blog Archive)
What's Next/Links (coming soon)

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