Get Involved

“You’re interested in a current chair position…”

Join us at a meeting in early in the Fall or late Spring to let us know! These are the main times we discuss leadership changes and goals as a group. This is also a good chance to discuss with someone who currently holds a chair position on what it’s like on the core.

“You’ve got mad skills in a new area and want to create a new position…”

Sweet! Definitely join us at a meeting in early in the Fall or late Spring when we’re thinking up projects for the upcoming year. We’d love to hear yours!

“You’ve got an idea for a party, a talk, or a revolution…”

Come to a monthly meeting anytime in the year. We usually reserve some time for announcements at the beginning of these, and that’s a perfect time to let everyone know what’s on your mind. We’ll help you think about the resources available to you on campus and help you gather support among the students to get going.

“You want to help out with an event here or there…”

This is a great way to get involved when you’re schedule is tight and we love our auxiliary supporters! They pitch in to help decorate or plan music for parties or to give their opinion on a hot topic. You’re welcome at any monthly meeting when the feeling moves you. Join us if there’s topic that interests you!