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'Nuff said.

(and yes, I snack on danger, dine on death.)

Hey, peoples. Thanx for stopping by and upping my counter (it makes me think I'm loved or something). Anyways, I just got into the scene so please bear with the Spartan nature of this page... I don't have any pictures *sob*.

Some info about me...

And here is the latest and greatest on me.

And, no, I'm really not trying to take over the world...

This site is under construction--please check back soon.

Here are some of the things I like.

Here are some ganked quotes which I like.

Even better, you wanna get IGNORANT? Let's get stupid with Tommy!!!
I hate school more than he does.

Hey you, it's here on --whassa matta wit you? Can't find nothing to do?

people have accessed this page. No way, dude!

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