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black to killThe Campus Go Club is a student organized club in UC Berkeley. We are a group of local Go enthusiasts. Interested players in the Berkeley area can go to the Location page to see our meeting times and place. Beginners are always welcome. There are no fees to pay, just come and play!


The campus go club is trying to reserve a room, please contact Shun at shun_lin@berkeley.edu



Go is an ancient game that originated in China. The literal meaning of its Chinese name, Wei Qi, means "surrounding boardgame". In this game, each player tries to exert more influence on territory than her opponent, using threats of death, capture, or isolation. It is, therefore, a symbolic representation of the relationships between nations. Go is getting increasingly popular around the world, especially in Asian, European and American countries, with many worldwide competitions being held.


Updated: November 23, 2016


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