Gregory Roberts

Junior Undergraduate

University of California: Berkeley

Electrical Engineering Computer Science

Visible Light Communication

This past summer, I headed a research project focusing on

visible light communication. The goal was to transmit an email

using LEDs as the light source from one computer to another (Picture).

The entire system still needs some tweaking,

but as a side project, I was able to transmit a music signal over light

and accurately demodulate and play it out.

Rashomon Project

This is a project I am working on in Professor Ken Goldberg's

lab at UC Berkeley. Go to Project

Yahoo! Hackathon Fall 2011 UC Berkeley

This is the project I worked on with two friends for

a 20-hour computer science competition. We programmed this

in one 20-hour period that ran through the night. It generates

a musical song based on a few criteria given as input.

Musical Composition Generator

Scramble Game

This is a game I made in 2012.

It has not been fully optimized for all browsers.

Google Chrome works well for it though.

New versions of Safari and Firefox should do the trick as well.