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8.20.2004 -- Headlights Site Up. Headlights is kicking it into gear with a US tour planned for August 27 - October 2. I've put up a Headlights fansite, along with photos from an 8/18 acoustic set in Urbana. Since it looks like Headlights is the future path of what remains of Absinthe Blind, I think it's safe to say that while this site will remain up for archival purposes, the updates and new information will be on the Headlights site from here on out, so update your bookmarks accordingly.

8.12.2004 -- Headlights! Brett, Erin, Tristan, and Seth have formed the band Headlights, the heir apparent to Absinthe Blind. There's an EP on the way at the end of the month, and a US tour planned from then through early October. A "Hormozd's Headlights Site" will be on the way with all the info once I get a hold of it.

4.20.2004 -- Long time no see... The first news of 2004 brings a release of a double album of rare and previously unreleased material from Absinthe Blind, titled Winning Is Our Business and Business Is Good. Included are B-sides from previous albums, the two bonus songs from the Japanese version of Rings, remixes of existing songs, and a few other goodies. For $15, you can have your very own copy. Email Adam if you'd like one.

9.13.2003 -- The end of an era. After seven years with the band, frontman Adam Fein has decided to focus on his home life and stop touring with the band. Though he will still contribute material and appear at a few Champaign-Urbana and Chicago shows, this is still a major turning point for Absinthe Blind. Rest assured, though, that the band is still going on strong, with a more intense touring schedule lined up for 2004. For more info about this turn of events, read this excellent article from Illinimedia's Buzz entertainment weekly.

But the memories will live on in the memories of fans and the many band photos that have been taken up until now. Still, there's nothing like experiencing a live performance with Adam, so with this in mind, a video clip of Adam at the guitar (QuickTime, 10 MB) has been added to the site. This clip was taken from the August 11th show at the Iron Post in Urbana, IL.

With the impending changes in the band, the site will be undergoing a few updates between now and the end of the year. In the meantime, a wealth of information about Absinthe Blind is available below.

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