Headlights (Erin Fein, Brett Sanderson, Tristan Wraight) is an ethereal rock band based in Urbana, Illinois. Born in the summer of 2004 from the remnants of Absinthe Blind, the one-time rulers of the Champaign-Urbana music scene, Headlights will no doubt reach those same heights if not more.

Latest News

4.24.2006 -- In the middle of the Spring Tour, a treat is up for you all to see in the photos section: pictures of Headlights' stop in San Francisco this past Thursday.

1.1.2006 -- Happy New Year! After a wildly successful swing through the east coast and a restful holiday, Headlights took the stage last night at a big New Year's bash at The Iron Post in Urbana with a number of other Champaign-Urbana bands. Pictures from the show can be found in the photos section. Major, major props to Seth Fein and the Urbana Booking Company for putting on this amazing show. If you haven't seen it yet, you must read this article about Seth and his efforts. Looking to the future, 2006 should be a breakout year for Headlights, with a 7" vinyl record and a full-length album planned for release, along with shows nationwide. Make sure to check back regularly for more news, tour dates, and photos.

11.23.2005 -- The tour is halfway done... Photos from the 11/22 show in Champaign are now up in the photos section. After another show in St. Louis, the tour will take a short break for the Thanksgiving holiday and then start up again on the 28th in Akron, commencing its east coast swing. For sale during this tour is a live CD from a Headlights summer show in Athens, GA featuring new songs.

Now, a few news items. New material: a 7" vinyl is planned for release in April, and the first Headlights full length is scheduled for August. Upcoming tour plans: Headlights will be playing a big show at the Iron Post in Urbana on New Year's with many other Champaign-Urbana bands. Also, a big tour is planned for spring 2006 which will include dates in the west coast for those of you there who haven't been able to see Headlights live since fall 2004. I'll post more info on that as soon as I get it. Finally, here's an interview with the band recently published in The Buzz.

11.20.2005 -- Headlights Front and Center on Polyvinyl's website! These screenshots from the entry page and main page tell the story!

11.2.2005 -- Headlights Signs with Polyvinyl Records. Press release:

Having gone through numerous name changes, losing a founding memo, funding a self-booked national tour on CD-R demo burns, Headlights now find themselves with a new label to call home.

Headlights began as a four-piece combo from Champaign, IL and features ex-Absinthe Blind (Parasol Records) and Maserati (Kindercore) members.

Following the breakup of Absinthe Blind in 2003, guitarist/vocalist Tristan Wraight toured with Athens, GA's Maserati while the other ex-Absinthe Blind members began writing and performing as the three-piece Orphans. Upon his return to Champaign in winter 2004, Wraight and Orphans' keyboardist/vocalist Erin Fein began collaborating on new material. After playing a few shows with Orphans, the band and Wraight decided to change the name, scrap some of the old material, and begin anew as Headlights. In spring 2004, they entered the studio to record their debut release, The Enemies EP.

The Enemies EP was recorded and mixed by Headlights and Adam Schmitt (Hum, The Living Blue) and finds the band mixing traditional rock instrumentation with keyboards, pedal steel, violin, glockenspiel, electronics, and boy/girl harmonies.

Shortly after The Enemies EP's original release as a limited edition tour and mailorder CD, Headlights stripped down to a three-piece after their drummer left and went on to do national tours including notable shows with The Delgados, Crooked Fingers, Magnolia, Electric Company, Mates of State, Appleseed Cast, Headphones, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Owen, Earlimart, Ester Drang, Lassie Foundation, Mono, and Poster Children among others. A year after selling out of its original pressing, The Enemies EP sees a proper release on Polyvinyl Record Co. Nov. 8th, 2005.

The coming year looks promising for Headlights. They will hit the road in Nov. for a 30+ date tour of the Midwest and East Coast. Following the tour they will return home to begin working on their first proper full-length, which will be released via Polyvinyl in early Fall 2006.

8.23.2005 -- Long time no see! A lot has happened since my last update. So here's the news: Headlights is officially a three-piece band now, with Brett having taken over Seth's drumming duties. But Seth is still making contributions, as you'll see shortly. The spring and summer were marked by shows throughout the midwest (and some in the south too), and more importantly, the release of a new EP. To order, send $6 to

107 1/2 N. Walnut #2
Champaign, IL 61820

Finally, there are a few shows planned in the midwest over the next month, highlighted by an opening-day performance at the upcoming Pygmalion Music Festival in Champaign-Urbana. The festival is being put on by the Urbana Booking Company, which is headed by none other than former Headlights member Seth Fein. Headlights will be taking the stage at 12:30 on September 28th at the Canopy Club in Urbana. Don't miss it! And don't miss the many other talented bands performing there either. The vastly talented and underrated Champaign-Urbana music scene will be on display for five fun days, 9/28-10/1. More information about the Pygmalion Music Festival can be found here.

11.22.2004 -- New drummer wanted. Headlights drummer Seth Fein has decided to leave the band to puruse other interests. Thus, the band is looking for a new drummer. Here's an informal job posting from Brett. If you've been dying to join this amazing band, now's your chance! And Seth, it's sad to see you go. You've been such a mainstay at shows, I don't think anyone can truly replace you. Best wishes to you as you pursue your next venture in life.

9.21.2004 -- EP release and inaugural tour. The Enemies EP was released on August 31 on Polyvinyl Records. You can get it from the band during the tour, or order it online here. The tour has also been going on strong, with shows from Georgia all the way to California. You can find photos from the September 19 show in San Francisco on this site.

8.20.2004 -- The first tour is underway! Starting August 27 and ending October 2 is Headlights' inaugural US tour. The tourdates can be found here.