Howard Loo

I graduated in 2003 from the Boalt Hall School of Law, UC Berkeley; my legal interests include: I am particularly interested in theories of constitutional interpretation.

As an undergraduate, I attended Stanford University, where I studied computer science and political science. I dedicated a lot of my time to the dorms that I lived in. I served as dorm president for 7 quarters; after that, I was a resident assistant for two years at my beloved dorm of Trancos. I organized a lot of activities for the dorms that I lived in, like all-campus capture the flag. I also deejayed many dorm dances in the Trancos lounge. Trancos is my favorite place in the entire world.

Outside of the dorms, I was elected twice to serve in the Stanford Student Senate. I also served on a number of university committees. The committee that was most important to me was the Committee of 15. On that committee, I helped rewrite the Stanford Judicial Charter, which governs the student judicial system at Stanford. This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Also, I am Catholic.

I can be reached by email at this email address.


Java is my programming language of choice.


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