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Health and Medical Apprenticeship Program

Coordinator:  Kira Shea

General Coordinator of all programs & finance/budgeting

Assistant Coordinator: Daphne Yang


Field Study Internship

Head Coordinator: Emily Gainor

Assistant Coordinator: 

Health Service Internship

Head Coordinator: Amanda Reilly 

Assistant Coordinator: Caroline Brose

Public Health 116

Head Coordinators: Carly Miller and Alex Vergara

Exam Coordinators: Evelyn Riley and Theo Snow

Homework Coordinator: Carla Gomez Victor


Our cubicle is located on the 3rd floor, Cubicle 67 Eshelman Hall

For any questions regarding HMAP or any of the subprograms, please don’t hesitate to email or visit during office hours.

Mailing Address: 
ASUC/Health and Medical Apprenticeship Program (HMAP)
Attn: Kira Shea
University of California
Floor 3 Cubicle 7 Eshleman Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-4520