PH 116

Spring 2022 INFORMATION: 

Public Health 116 will be offered in Spring 2022. The class will be held one day a week from 4-6pm with an additional 1 hour discussion section throughout the week.

More on  PH116: 

Looking for an extra 3 units? Interested in public health, ethical issues, or being taught by an AWESOME undergraduate student?? Want guaranteed enrollment and internship opportunities in health?

Public Health 116 is a 3-unit course that introduces students to broad ethical issues in public health. This is an introductory course and is open to students across all majors. Many topics in the course are interdisciplinary and assignments often value the input of different academic perspectives.

Our class meets Monday from 4-6 PM, and has a 1 hour discussion section each week. Every student that enrolls is guaranteed placement in the class (up to 200). We encourage you to enroll! Thousands of public health students over the past 12 years have taken this course, and have learned how to engage with difficult ethical dilemmas in public health.

Discussion Section Information:

Public Health 116 includes a weekly one-hour discussion section. During the weekly discussion sections, students delve deeper into the issues, not only exploring and perhaps questioning their own thoughts and beliefs, but also learning from the experiences and perspectives of their fellow students. This is where students can benefit most from the course, and attendance to discussion sections is required. Students will also benefit from interacting with their personal teaching assistant, and taking quizzes to reinforce exam material.

*Please note that discussion is required if you are interested in becoming a Teaching Assistant (TA) for PH 116.

For more info, contact the head coordinators (see contact us)