About PH 116

Public Health 116

Public Health 116 offers an introduction to issues and perspectives related to health and medicine.  This course is a three-unit, pass/not pass seminar with a 2-hour lecture on Mondays from 4-6 PM. Discussion sections (1 hour per week) are also required.

Each week, we cover a specific topic in public health, ranging from environmental health to chronic illnesses to healthcare economics. We invite experts from the field to share their first-hand experiences, discuss current issues, debate ethical dilemmas, pose and answer questions, and more.  During the weekly discussion section, students have the opportunity to further explore the topic through interactive activities and discussion with their peers.

PH 116 is a prerequisite for being a PH116 TA .  You must receive a passing grade in PH116 (or PH 198) to apply.  PH116 is an elective for the Public Health Major.

Student Testimonials

“Topics and section activities are fun and interesting! Atmosphere is conductive to learning, and the class is well paced.”


“My TA prompts students to answer questions and can lead group discussions well.  Group-work is also done in a timely manner and she always asks if students want more time or not to discuss.  Overall, she encourages students to share experiences, ideas, and opinions in a welcoming, inclusive classroom environment.” 


“Exams are fair and TAs do a great job of preparing students to understand and apply the material academically and to their own lives.”


“TAs and class coordinators care about students.  Very motivational and helps students see different approaches to topics.  Presents relevant info, makes discussion interesting, informative, makes discussion seamless.  Very good at leading discussion, putting everyone at ease, being inclusive, and conducting intimate group discussions.”