Meet the PH116 Coordinators!

Elisa Glauber

Elisa Glauber is a senior at UC Berkeley pursuing degrees in Public Health and Psychology. After two semesters with PH116, both as a TA and the Homework Coordinator, she is excited to step into the role of Class Coordinator alongside her brilliant co-coordinator Keaton. Outside of HMAP, Elisa is involved with a contemporary dance company on campus and spends the rest of her free time taking care of her dog, playing piano, and scoping out new cafes to try. Post-graduation, Elisa hopes to work for a year in the public health sector before applying to MPH programs.


Keaton Whittaker

I’m a Senior studying Public Health and Rhetoric, and this is my fourth semester working with the Public Health 116 teaching team and my first semester as course coordinator. As an entirely student run course, PH116 is unique in its capacity to have student-centered discussions that dive into the interdisciplinary nature of Public Health, and the resulting conversations are what make me excited to continue working with this program. Outside of this class, I work as a tour guide for the University and I’m also involved with Greeklife on campus.