Iberia: Association of Spaniards in Berkeley
Iberia: Asociacion de Españoles en Berkeley
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Iberia Forum for Spanish Researchers in the US (new)

New Iberia email address: iberia AT OCF.Berkeley.EDU  
Iberia Lunches: We meet every Tuesday at 1:00pm at the Food Court on Hearst with Euclid. Come join us!
Film Festival (Spring 2009)
          New Directive Committee
List of fellowships

General information

Iberia is a  sangria-fiesta-paella-siesta-party-acuesta oriented association of Spaniards in Berkeley.  Last year, and hoping for a multicultural exchange project (often misunderstood), we added a fireworks-barbecue-pumpkin-turkey component.  We appreciate the understanding of our distinguished members.

Who are we? Totally irrelevant information on the irrelevant members of this irrelevant association.
Constitution of the association.
Welcome message from the email list. By Álex, our fearless and forever dearest leader, who finished his PhD (yes, you can do it!) and went back to Spain
Our email list. Our pride and joy (out and proud!).
Photo albums.
Consulate. Information about the Spanish representation in the Bay and in the USA.
Information from SISS on visas.
Interesting guide on graduate studies in the USA by the American department of State.
Graduates studies in the USA for Spaniards. Information on fellowships, visas, university rankings, etc.  
Housing. Some ideas for house hunting in Berkeley.  (Warning: this site may contain X-rated images or information, specially prices).
Food. Missing mummy's yummy food?  Iberia can help you!
Arriving or leaving? Information on the arrival or the departure.
Stuff: details we have not managed to include in other links.
Old links.

Information about Spain

Links about Spanish language
Mass media
On how to buy books in Spanish in the USA

Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot links et al

Iberia on the wrong side of the Bay
Iberia MIT
Association of Spaniards in Silicon Valley
Swiss-List (no, they have nothing to do with Spain, but their site has plenty of useful information).
AEPE (European Association of Spanish Language Professors).
List of Spanish speaking scholars in foreign countries.
Exclusive revelations of Britney Spears to Iberia-Berkeley.
Latin American Students Association


(Translated by Alfonso Gracia-Saz on 10/15/03)