Vol. 24, Issue 2: Spring 2017

Accuracy of Mobile Phone and Handheld Light Microscopy

Aman Upadhyay

Dementia with Lewy Bodies: How Alpha-Synuclein Affects Patients with Visual Hallucinations

Brenda Martinez

Decoding the illusion of speech: scientists investigate the brain’s mechanism for understanding sound

Chelsey Campaillo Rodriguez

Innovative Alternative to Animal Testing for Drug Safety Testing

Jianne Jung

Three Parent Babies: The Quest for a Healthier Population

Miranda Hurtado

Bacterial Associations: How Your Gut May Define You

Quinn Spencer

More than Water Vapor: A Method to Quantify the Products of E-Cigarette Vaping

Sasha Narain

Spatial Memory and Recognition: How You Know Where You Are

Ankita Singh

Real-Life Chimeras: Scientists Create Human-Pig Hybrid

Caroline Zhou

16 Years Past Diagnosis: A Look on the Outcomes of Individuals with ADHD

Desiree Delavary

Bioengineered hemoglobin-like protein paves way for potential clinical cure to CO poisoning

Patrick KIn

Making rejuvenation possible: How the development of proteins in the blood can be the root cause for age related diseases

Chelsey Campillo Rodriguez

‘Microwave helmet’ may cut time taken to evaluate head injuries

Enock Goo

From Mother to Child: Measuring Prenatal Exposure to Analytes and Heavy Metals

Sasha Narain
Vol. 24, Issue 1: Fall 2016

Pixie Dust for your Nerves: A wireless sensor changing the game of neural modulation and therapy

Chelsea Campillo

Disease Prevention: The Unexpected Benefits of Lipids and Stress discovered in a New Cellular Response

Gianna Wicaksono

Racism and Heart Disease: How Being Racist and Receiving Racism Both Have Negative Implications for Your Health

Isabel Marchand

How to be a Mind Reader: Brain-Computer Interface Gives a Voice to Those Who Cannot Speak

Katerina Furman

Hope for Prion Research: A New Cell-Model to Study Prions

Kathyna Thai

Beyond Bug Bites: Analyzing the Routes of Vertical Transmission of Zika Virus

Sasha Narain

Love Actually

Harrison MA

Love is the Answer: the “love hormone” may have more benefits than we thought

Katerina Furman

Healthcare: California’s Next Investments

Kevin Dinh

Movement of Sperm Activated by Progesterone

Lloyd Tripp

Back to the Pet Shop: The Case for Bringing New Model Organisms into Research

Malcolm Crawford

A comparative investigation of mussel-mimetic sealants for fetal membrane repair

Quincy Seigel