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FALL 2005


Gender metamorphosis at work

Elizabeth Kelley

Memoirs of an Electron

Soul sojourn

Vivian Jiang

The Weakening of HIV

Could HIV's final victim be itself?

Courtney Miller

Danger in a Bottle

Does bottle water tap out?
Yoojin Lee

Hangover Gene

Shedding light on alcohol tolerance

Ryan Chao

Liar, Liar, Brain on Fire

The science of deception

Janice Gee

Test Tube Teeth

Teeth may be the first bioengineered organs

Edith Han

In Oxytocin We Trust

Controversial uses of a reproductive hormone

Michelle Shum

What's the Beef?

Carcinogenicity from cooked meats
Melissa Lock

I Say Tomato, You Say Cancer

A saucy new medicine

Shalin Shah

Toast to Topiramate

Epilepsy drug turned addiction-breaker

Michelle Shum

The Natural Band-Aid®

Using collagen for wound treatment

Melody Pongmanopap


A new weapoin in the battle against cancer

Courtney Miller


Coordinating Editor: Namrata Bose & Amar Kishan

Associate Editors: Ehsaan Akhtar, Vanessa Fan, Davika Nair, Edna Prieto, Patrick Tam, Meiji Tran, Chris Wu

Writers: Ryan Chao, Janice Gee, Edith Han, Vivian Jian, Elizabeth Kelley, Yoojin Lee, Melissa Look, Courtney Miller, Melody Pongmanopap, Shalin Shah, Michelle Shum

Faculty Advisor: Gary Firestone, Ph.D., Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology

Acknowledgments:Special Thanks: Shikha Bose, MD; Swaraj Bose, MD; Jeff Miller, Bradley Voytek, Fast Imaging®