I got the Comp USA catalog as junk mail and I flipped through it. I didn't paymuch attention to the electronics, but apparently I couldn't help buttry to match the Hollywood in there...

Do you know what movies these shots are taken from?

I guess that's what I get for not watching movies in ages. Still, I'dlike to have an idea of what goes on in these movies I haven't seen...

To clean up the list, I've moved all the identified ones to the bottom.

Still unidentified:

Yes, this shot came out with particularly bad resolution. The Systemax notebookabove it had a frame from Evan Almighty.
Dreamgirls was to the right and Ratatouille below.
Still unidentified as of November 2011. Unfortunately the original picture was taken with such bad resolution that not even Google Goggles has a clue.


The Eye. Source: Google Goggles

Bank Job. Source: Google Goggles

Has the atmosphere of The Visitor, but it isn't.
Update: A Mighty Heart Source: Google Goggles

This one is Hot Rod. Thanks mmbossman!

This is The Nanny Diaries. Thanks y!

This picture evokes images of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but it seemsthis is a different set of girls.
Update: This is Bratz. Thanks alden!

It's possible that this is not from a movie. It's probably just a woman's face as sheis the mascot for Veriface

I guess this could just be some random graphic of parrots.
Update: Turns out this is the mascot for ViewSonic. Thanks moozooh!

Looks like Cameron Diaz to me.
Update: This is The Holiday. Thanks erokky!

Not sure why this shot comes out particularly hazy, but there is a turtlein the center and other animals around it. Perhaps the same movie as above.
Update: These two pictures are from Over the Hedge. Thanks Kyrsimys!

That bunny looks familiar, like something out of Wallace and Gromit.I don't remember any of those other characters though.
Update: This is Flushed Away. Thanks Warp!

The Spiderwick Chronicles. It just hit me.

A gray car. Maybe it is nothing more than a gray car. There's an AMD"Ferrari" notebook on the same page with a picture of a Ferrari.
Update: This is a modified Scion xB. Like the Ferrari, it's probablynot from a movie anyway. Thanks jspecakord!

It's Drew Barrymore, but in which movie?
Update: Music and Lyrics. Thanks erokky!

Update: This is My Best Friend's Girl. Thanks jspecakord!

Yes this Celeron notebook is a best seller, which makes it harder to identifythe woman in the film. There's a shot from The Good Shepherd on the Aspire notebook below this, although that shouldn't matter.
Update: This is Beth from Cloverfield.

Update: This is Stop-Loss. Thanks laughing_gas!