the pokémon factory

...or at least an archive of it. one day i woke and found that, a site dedicated to sprite artwork founded by aspenth and mewthree, was no more. i had known the site to have stopped producing new creations for quite some time, but i was hoping it would stick around at least for the entertainment of everyone.

even without the site i figured archives of these images would remain in various places throughout the web. however, another day i had a whim to download one of these classic images and well, it was hard to find! i had to do several web searches and it was clear that the images were getting lost over time. somewhat concerned by this, i decided to take action.

and so i found these images scattered across the web in several incomplete collections which often refer to these creations as 'pokegods', 'fake pokemon' or 'fakémons'. i also managed to gather the matching art credits from pages that had copied the text of the original site without the images. anyway, i've collected these and put them back together as best i could. go ahead and click the page links to view any pokemon numbered 300 through 410. enjoy!

update: Schimre and TrIfOrCe Of ShAdOwS have brought it to my attention that the pokémon factory is now back after all these years. their old and new stuff can be found at be sure to check them out.


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Made-up by Olezon
Drawn by Aspenth



home   300-329   330-359   360-389   390-410   misc   other

disclaimer: the original copyright stipulations allow these images to be reproduced freely provided you link to or cite the pokémon factory as their original source.