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Imaginal Processes Inventory

Short Form


We are asking your cooperation in responding to a questionnaire about your inner experiences, your images, dreams, and daydreams.  There is no "official" definition for words like "daydream".  Interpret these words in terms of their common meanings as they might apply to you.  be careful to distinguish between thinking about something you are doing at the moment and daydreaming about something else.  Thinking about a task while working on it is not daydreaming, although having thoughts about the task at other times, such as while getting ready for sleep or on a long bus ride, could be daydreaming.



Each statement says something about daydreams or daydreaming.  Indicate to what extent each statement applies to you, or is true for you, by writing the appropriate number in the space to the left of each item.

5 stands for "very true or strongly characteristic of me".

4 stands for "moderately true or characteristic of me".

3 stands for "neither particularly characteristic nor uncharacteristic of me".

2 stands for "moderately untrue or uncharacteristic of me".

1 stands for "definitely untrue or strongly uncharacteristic of me".


_____  1.  I tend to be quite wrapped up and interested in whatever I am doing.

_____  2.  A really original idea can sometimes develop from a really fantastic daydream.

_____  3.  In my fantasies, a friend discovers that I have lied.

_____  4.  I do not really "see" the objects in a daydream.

_____  5.  I am the kind of person whose thoughts often wander.

_____  6.  In my daydreams, I see myself as an expert, whose opinion is sought by all.

_____  7.  Sometimes an answer to a difficult problem will come to me during a daydream.

_____  8.  My mind seldom wanders from my work.

_____  9.  I imagine myself failing those I love.

_____10.  I picture myself as I will be several years from now.

_____11.  I find that I easily lose interest in things that I have to do.

_____12.  My daydreams often contain depressing events which upset me.

_____13.  I am not easily distracted.

_____14.  In my daydreams, I show my anger towards my enemies.

_____15.  My fantasies usually provide me with pleasant thoughts.

_____16.  My ability to concentrate is not impaired by someone talking in another part of my house or apartment.

_____17.  The sounds I hear in my daydreams are clear and distinct.

_____18.  I imagine myself not being able to finish a job I am required to do.

_____19.  Daydreaming never solves any problems.

_____20.  No matter how hard I try to concentrate, thoughts unrelated to my work always creep in.

_____21.  In my daydreams, I am afraid of doing something wrong.

_____22.  My daydreams are often stimulating and rewarding.

_____23.  I can work at something for a long time without feeling the least bit bored or restless.

_____24.  In my daydreams, I often become angry.

_____25.  Faced with a tedious job, I notice all the other things that I could be doing.

_____26.  I seldom think about what I will be doing in the future.

_____27.  In my fantasies, I receive an award before a large audience.

_____28.  My daydreams offer me useful clues to tricky situations I face.

_____29.  I tend to be easily bored.

_____30.  Unpleasant daydreams don't frighten or bother me.

_____31.  The "pictures in my mind" seem as clear as photographs.

_____32.  In my daydreams, I fear meeting new responsibilities in life.

_____33.  I find it hard to read when someone is on the telephone in a neighboring room.

_____34.  I find myself imaging ways of getting even with those I dislike.

_____35.  I am seldom bored.

_____36.  My daydreams often leave me with a warm, happy feeling.

_____37.  I picture myself being accepted into an organization for successful individuals only.

_____38.  Daydreams do not have any practical significance for me.

_____39.  I find it difficult to concentrate when the TV or radio is on.

_____40.  I daydream about what I would like to see happen in the future.

_____41.  In my daydreams, I feel guilty for having escaped punishment.

_____42.  My thoughts seldom drift from the subject before me.

_____43.  I find my daydreams are worthwhile and interesting to me.

_____44.  I never panic as a result of a daydream.

_____45.  I have difficulty in maintaining concentration for long periods of time.

Click here for scoring instructions and norms.


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