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Toronto Mindfulness Scale


Note:  In contrast to the FFMS, the TMS scale is intended to measure "state-like" experiences during mediation, rather than "trait-like" cognitive dispositions that might reflect the cognitive consequences of meditative practice.


We are interested in what you just experienced.  Below is a list of things that people sometimes experience.  Please read each statement. Please indicate the extent to which you agree with each statement.  In other words, how well does the statement describe what you just experienced, just now?






Not at All

A Little


Quite a Bit

Very much


Rate 0-4

Item #

  1 I experienced myself as separate from my changing thoughts and feelings.
  2 I was more concerned with being open to my experiences than controlling or changing them.
  3 I was curious about what I might learn about myself by taking notice of how I react to certain thoughts, feelings, or sensations.
  4 I experienced my thoughts more as events in my mind than as a necessarily accurate reflection of the way things 'really' are.
  5 I was curious to see what my mind was up to from moment to moment.
  6 I was curious about each of the thoughts and feelings that I was having.
  7 I was receptive to observing unpleasant thoughts and feelings without interfering with them.
  8 I was more invested in just watching my experiences as they arose, than in figuring out what they could mean.
  9 I approached each experience by trying to accept it, no matter whether it was pleasant or unpleasant.
  10 I remained curious about the nature of each experience as it arose.
  11 I was aware of my thoughts and feelings without overidentifying with them.
  12 I was curious about my reactions to things.
  13 I was curious about what I might learn about myself by just taking notice of what my attention gets drawn to.

Click here for information on scoring and norms.


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