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John F. Kihlstrom

University of California, Berkeley

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Department of Psychology

Richard and Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor
Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies, 2013-2018

Institute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Institute of Personality and Social Research
Center for Health Research


Word cloud representing the titles of my papers (up to 2015), created by Dillon Plunkett, courtesy of Prof. Tom Griffiths.

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General Psychology

Scientific Approaches to Consciousness

Social Cognition


Human Learning and Memory

Teaching Psychology


Mailing Address

Department of Psychology, MC 1650
University of California, Berkeley
Tolman Hall 3210
Berkeley, California 94720-1650


Electronic Mail



Cognition in Personal and Social Contexts

Social Cognition

The Self
Person Memory



Autobiographical Memory
Implicit Memory
Collective Memory

Consciousness and Unconscious Mental Life

General Anesthesia


Health Cognition and Behavior

Compliance and Adherence
"Psychosomatic" Effects
Placebo Effects



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