Hi! Welcome to my webpage. This page pertains to meaningful things I've done that have so far made me little to no money.

My name is Jongmin Jerome Baek / 백종민. My dog's name is Ser Finley. I'm probably best known for teaching "CS198-79 The Poetry of Computer Science, the Computer Science of Poetry: Philosophy of Computation". Textbook, Syllabus, Website, Discussion Forum, Course Notes.

In a previous life, I was an indie game developer. The last game I made is 6180 the moon. If you are stuck at a level, please email me and I'll help you out. (v8 is a hard one.)

Sometimes I'm a genderqueer Korean-American poet based in the Seattle area. I performed at Seattle LitCrawl once. I write about trauma, culture, and computers. Send me a topic to my email, below, and ask for a poem. I give them out for free, or with a strict payment plan, whichever you prefer.

Sometimes I'm a software engineer at Microsoft, where I help build Microsoft Search.

These days I spend most of my philosophy brain thinking about the alignment of private value (i.e. meaning) and public value (i.e. money) through blockchain. It's obvious that the bifurcation of private and public value is the cause of alienation in the modern world. It's also obvious that the solution is to let each idea be a bank, and for each individual to invest, quasi-literally, in ideas. The engineering and legal challenges, are more difficult. If this paragraph makes sense to you, email me, let's talk!

Connect with me at jbaek080@protonmail dot com.

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