I am a PhD student in the Biophysics Graduate Group and the Center for Computational Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. My advisor is George Oster. My research interests fluctuate wildly, but tend to equilibriate in some region around (bio)mechanics.

Previously, I received my bachelors in mathematics and biology from New York University. I then was lucky enough to explore the world a bit, both academically and geographically.

You can read about it all in my CV (last updated May 2015).

This is my favorite poem.

Where I am now: Berkeley


4-7 October 2015: I am attending the Moore/Sloan Data Science Environment Summit near Seattle.

1 June-21 August 2015: I will be an intern at Microsoft Research in Cambridge (UK).

19 May 2015: I am a 2015 Data Science Fellow. Thanks, Berkeley Institute for Data Science!

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