9am-6pm; June 10, 2017

Where: Stanley Hall, UC Berkeley (Directions)

Cellular Biophysics: Experiment Meets Theory


This symposium brings together the Bay Area's cell biology, bioengineering and physics communities interested in the physical mechanisms governing cellular processes.

Our focus is on theoretical and experimental approaches to various topics in cellular biophysics, including: cellular membranes, the cytoskeleton, interactions between macromolecules in cells, and cell-cell and cell-substrate interactions. Methods discussed include agent-based modeling, light- and force-based microscopy, nano- and micropatterning substrate approaches, solid and fluid mechanics. Emphasis is on single cells ± two orders of magnitude.

Keynote speaker:
KC Huang (Stanford).

Confirmed speakers:
Daniel Fletcher (UC Berkeley)
Sanjay Kumar (UC Berkeley)
Padmini Rangamani (UC San Diego)

Cash prizes for best oral presentation and poster presentation!

Registration is free and includes lunch, coffee/pastries, and a happy hour following the symposium.
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Co-sponsored by MCB, QB3, and VSPA.


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Matt Akamatsu (Drubin lab)
Charlotte Kaplan (Drubin lab)
Jasmine Nirody (Oster lab)
Carl Schreck (Hallatschek lab)

Faculty advisor: Oskar Hallatschek