welcome to jonathan tien's online portfolio.
have a look around.

[update: 6/8/2015]

After not touching this site for nearly two years, I've finally registered my own domain and rewritten my website using Jekyll. You can visit my new personal website at: ricefield.me

[update: 5/16/2013]

wow! its been almost exactly a year since I've updated this thing. Well, this time there are some structural changes to the /work section, which now has a software and a print section. The /resume section also got a makeover, as I decide to restructure that as well. The main additions overall are Attendance Project, the hymnalAPI, and wallet-sized verse tracts. I also added a few things under Christians on Campus (from my GTCA trip) and my hymn tracts from last term. Lastly, the /info section got some minor updates. I really need to change that terrible photo though.

[update: 5/18/2012]

well the semester's ended and i've finally had another chance to update this. i've made some stylistic changes to the site, included a dash of color. i've added CalChat to my work samples and also updated my resume and info.

[update: 2/1/2012]

finally got around to updating this! added some new links to the info page (github, linkedin), updated my resume to reflect my latest coursework (a bunch of upper div CS and some INFO classes) and work experience, and added a ton of new stuff to my work samples (tribal tech, blind.ly, and lifecheck!). will add more (acemedic, in particular) when i have time.

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