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school: university of california, berkeley
degree: bachelor's
major: computer science


Computer Science |Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Data Structures, Machine Structures, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, User Interface Design, Software Engineering, Computer Security, Operating Systems

Information Systems | User Interface Design, Interface Aesthetics, Web Architecture, Computer-based Communications Systems, Database Management, XML Foundations


product management & software engineering

Experience with both leading and developing products from ideation to shipping, working through stages such as competitive research, storyboarding, user interface testing, architecting, development planning, launch, marketing. Comfortable in Agile/scrum environments. Most experienced with web and mobile application development.

languages & technologies

Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, C/C++, Javascript, HTML/CSS; Django, Sinatra, MySQL, Redis, Git, SVN, NodeJS, Android, iOS.


Experienced in UI/UX, web, mobile, print, and graphic design.


Photoshop, InDesign, photography, machine learning, Mandarin Chinese

work experience

glassdoor | Summer 2012
Worked on a variety of projects from FB Open Graph integration to job syndication and new user onboarding. Most notably, laid much of the groundwork for the new Post-a-Job offering. Responsibilities included doing competitive research, building wireframes, assembling slide decks, defining stories for engineers, and doing some scripting on the side.

tribal technologies | Summer 2011
Interned at this San Mateo software startup doing a mix of product management and software engineering. Worked with a client, Global Action Form, to spec and build an Android app for delivering videos, and also build a Plex plugin in Python to do likewise.

endoppler/crumbs | Fall 2010 - Spring 2011
Part of the founding team of a small (4-5 person) startup started by a Berkeley alum and a few students/alums. Worked primarily as a Product Manager for the the team, definining product focus, scope, feature set, and doing the majority of the design and graphic work. Originally Endoppler a traffic safety app, in Jan 2011, company pivoted on an idea I conceived and became Crumbs, a location-based messaging app. Been through multiple iterations of our MVP and currently live on the app store.

cloudtalk | Summer 2010
Interned with the Product Management division at a small software startup in SF doing voice-based social networking. Designed features, UI mockups; drafted proposals for presentation to executive team; implemented a facebook-connect proof of concept; worked on mobile app onboarding process/flows; designed website.

foneart communications | Spring 2010
Sold cell phones and provided customer support at the Foneart store (a Sprint preferred retailer). Well, I tried to, anyways. It was a good learning experience.

gloing | Fall 2008 - Spring 2009
Worked as an intern/associate for a 3-person tech startup doing check-in based geo-social networking on the UC Berkeley campus. Was responsible for anything needed, primarily user interface and user experience design, and general product design and direction of development.

ebay | Summer 2008
Worked as team lead of a team of high school students under the Gen Y program for eBay's Research Labs. Was responsible for proposing a comprehensive direction/business plan for eBay in the next 20 years. Took top prize out of 3 teams, eventually presented to CEO/president of eBay.

cisco systems | Fall 2007 - Spring 2008
Interned at the QA division of a large browser-based project, writing scripts and batch tests. Worked 20 hrs/week while in school before being let go when department was dissolved.