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Using the Inspection Reservation Website


Click on the button marked 「予約をする方はこちら」 (the centre one)



Step 2
Click on「継続検査の予約」 (the first one) - "renewal inspection reservation"



Step 3
Click on the area of Japan where you want to have the inspection performed.

※ The inspection can be done at any inspection place in Japan



Step 4
Select the place you want the inspection performed at.



Step 5
Choose which "round" of the day you wish to have your vehicle inspected. A circle or triangle 「○ または △」 means that a reservation is available at that time. Click on the circle or triangle.

※ You can't choose a round marked with a「×」. (Note - try late afternoon. Many garages book out all available spaces in case they need them, and then revise the booking later in the day when they know how many vehicles they will have for inspection next day. You should be able to get one within at most 2 days).  



Step 6
Enter the last 4 digits of the vehicle registration plate (up to 3 vehicles can be reserved places at a time).
Click 「次へ」(next)

※ An optional PIN can be entered. This will be used if you want to change or remove your reservation.     
※ If the desired round has a「△」marked, there is a chance you may not be able to make a reservation.



Step 7
The reservation is completed.

※ Your PIN is not displayed.



Step 8
This is the reservation confirmation page.
Click「印刷」 to make a printed copy of the page.

※ Bring the printed copy with you on the day of the reservation.
※ The PIN is not printed. Please be careful to remember it if you need to change any details.

Please Note
☆After completing the reservation, print the confirmation and bring it with you on the day.

☆ Write your PIN on the printed paper so you don't forget it.