Mapping San Francisco Schools

Pulling from San Francisco’s OpenData API, the map below shows the location of every school within the city limits, from pre-k to city colleges, with pop-ups displaying name, address, and other data with the click of the mouse. Each point is color-coded to represent a different “general type,” with green representing child development centers, magenta representing “independent” schools (private), blue representing public schools (including charters), and yellow representing community colleges. Notably, child development centers are the largest category with 167 locations scattered throughout the city. The only spatial pattern that I can glean from this map is the strong eastward skew of city college locations, as just about all ten of them are east of Golden Gate Park (the Ocean campus in the southern part of the city appears to be right around the eastern border of the park). Most are clustered in or near the downtown area, which makes sense given the proximity to public transit and employers, but I would have expected to see at least a couple of colleges located in the mostly middle income residential neighborhoods on the city’s west side.

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