The Journal of Associated Graduates in Near Eastern Studies (JAGNES) is located in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Contributors and editors of JAGNES are dedicated to the goal of increased interaction and cooperation among Near Eastern scholars by presenting cutting-edge research from graduate students across the country.

In line with this goal, the Journal includes research in all of the related Near Eastern disciplines, which include but are not limited to: Arabic, Islamic Studies, Cuneiform (Assyriology and Sumerology), Hebrew, Biblical and Judaic Studies, Egyptology, Egyptian Art and Archaeology, Persian, Iranian Studies, Turkish, Hittitology, Comparative Semitics, Syro-Palestinian Art and Archaeology, and Mesopotamian Art and Archaeology.

JAGNES also seeks to initiate an interdisciplinary dialog with graduate colleagues in related fields such as Art History, Anthropology, History, Classics, Linguistics, and Political Science. The Journal's promotion of graduate work, interdisciplinary approaches, and emphasis on cultural discourse mark its unique contribution to the field of Near Eastern Studies.

Last Update: 15 Apr 2009