In Japan, tv commercials are referred to as CMs. On Disc B, I've included two New Years 2000 CMs with Shinohara and her friend Wakame for Circle K. If you are an 80s child, you know that this used to be an American food store chain like Albertson's or Safeway. After reforms in the early 1990s, large retail chains - and especially American-style convenience stores - sprouted all over Japan. They include Mr. Lawson's, Circle K, and 7-Eleven. Some chains manage so well that they own their American counterparts.

If I could fit more data on two CDs, I would have included CMs for NTT DoCoMo, Shiseido and others, but it wasn't possible. Maybe next time, if there is a next time ;-)

Circle K Japan CM info [English] Note on the English translation engine: it mistranslates "Tomoe" as "Mr. Food" -- it doesn't mean that at all.