Puri Puri Pretty~~!!!

Since October 1996, Shinohara has been the icing on the cake that is FujiTV music variety show "LOVE LOVE Aishiteru." She is one of four regulars on the show, including two guys from the band Kinki Kids, and an older musician named Takuro. The latter didn't like Shinohara when he first met her, but now he feels positively about her and likes her genkiness.

Shinohara in addition to her co-hostess duties (often making light of guests) has her very own segments, called PuriPuriPretty. Of these, she sometimes does "international" versions, as when playing host to Tim Burton, Enrique Iglesias and other overseas notables. She even interviewed Dennis Rodman once on TK Music Clamp (another show) which was somewhat surprising.

Disc B brings you 10 servings of PuriPuri! Don't mind the first one - I don't think the main guest became anyone important.

Episodes are from 1997 - 2000.

Rabu Rabu Aishiteru is way more fun than Hey!Hey!Hey!, don't you think? ^^;

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