Seiryumon Restaurant, Shinjuku

Seiryumon is a gimmicky Chinese restaurant in Japan. The Shinjuku location has an "Earth" on the 3rd floor & "Heaven" on the 4th. We went to the darker, lower level because it was more "interesting" per hyou, and entering the restaurant dining area required a gong and password.

I wanted to see what colorful monstrosity was in the men's bathroom so a d00d took a pic for me. I'm told that when you pee into the giant mouth, loud music starts to play, the mouth then sways, the arms above move, waving a gold bar and a flashing camera, as if taking a picture of you. After the show, it said "Come again." I'm also wondering about that video camera attached to the ceiling..

This abomination reached the entire height of the stall in the women's bathroom. I entered the bathroom looking for if there'd be a female variation of the men's strange urinal and lo & behold! What the heck! It was eerie sittin' on the potty, havin' that face lookatcha. Then after a few moments, loud funky music started to play and soon the face moved forward. I sat there, wondering if my legs would be crushed or something! I finished my business and stood to the side of the toilet and watched amusedly as the face spared a few inches between itself & the toilet front before it slowly retreated back. I think it also said "come again" after it had shifted back to its original position and the music stopped. I get the feeling not a whole lotta women use this bathroom, heh heh heh.