Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Cumulative Index.

(Volumes 1-78 compiled by Mary Ellin D'Agostino and Robert V. Kemper)

This index is broken down into three main sections: by Author, Subject, and Volume.
The Author and Subject sections are broken down alphabetically and the Volume section by groups of 10.

The data in the Author index is arranged alphabetically according to the author's last name. For example:

Rowe, John H.(author's name)
1950 (Year) The Idabaez: Unknown Indians of the Choco Coast (Title), 1 (Volume):34 (Page Number Article Begins With)
(Multiple articles by the same author are listed in chronological order)
1950 Thoughts on Knowledge and Ignorance, 2:6
1953 Eleven Inca Prayers from the Zithuwa Ritual, 8/9:82
1955 Time Perspective in Ethnography, 12:55
1962 A Social Theory of Cultural Change, 26:75
1964 Ethnography and Ethnology in the Sixteenth Century, 30:1


The Subject index is a little more difficult to follow, because of the limitations of HTML text editing. The data is arranged as follows:

Illness, 69/70:1; see also healing, medicine, disorder, disease (main Subject Heading)
controlling processes, 77:12 (all non-alphabetically entries that follow are sub headings)
folk belief systems, 55/56 (Volume) :59 (Page)
folk concepts, 30:73
folk medicine, 55/56:75
paranoia, 53/54:71
Uttar Pradesh, 30:73
Image, controlling processes, 77:103 (beginning of next main Subject Heading)
and identity, 65/66:65 (etc...)


The Volume index is a table of contents for each journal.

Volume 1 (1950) (Volume number and year of publication)
Establishment and Aims of the Kroeber Anthropological Society (Title) by Clement W. Meighan (Author) iii (Page)



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