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History 98 section 3

History 98 Roots and Practice of Chinese Medicine was a class held at UC Berkeley Fall of 2002. It served as a complement to IB 98/198 Integrative Medicne, a course led by Kane and his team from 1999 through 2002 that was offered at UC Berkeley through 2010. History 98, Roots and Practice of Chinese Medicine delved into the development and practice of Chinese Medicinal theory, spending the entire semester on topics that Integrative Medicine explored over only 2 to 3 class sessions per semester. The two lectures for the class met for two hours a week, with a voluntary 1.5 hour voluntary lab practice session. Lectures and skills were taught by Kane Shieh and were assisted by Melissa Rusli, Annie Chen, Lynh Hoang, and America Worden. Except for topics that required more lecture time, the students learned history, fundamentals, and theory during the first hour. The second hour consisted they learned basics of practical skills like acupressure, tuina, pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, and reflexology.