Here are some of my current non-academic interests.

Student Carillonneur at the Berkeley Campanile

I’m a student under the instruction of Berkeley’s University Carillonneur Prof. Jeff Davis. Each week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I play a concert at the campanile. My regular repertoire currently consists of Scottish Folk Song Preludes by Ronald Barnes.

The phone camera that took the picture on the right was propped almost 300 feet off the ground. It made it down safely.

Fall 2019 Carillon Student Guild

Here’s a recording of one of my favorite pieces to play in the morning, We’ll Meet Beside the Dusky Glen. It’s a Scottish folk song arranged by Ronald Barnes for the carillon.


When I went to school in China as a kid, I received lots of undeserved praise for my handwriting. I haven’t done calligraphy for a long time, but I became interested in picking it up again over quarantine, but with my non-dominant hand. Here’s the latest on trying to train my left hand to write legibly first and hopefully develop a different handwriting from my right hand. These are written with an iPad template, so it’s definitely cheating.

Youth Mentorship

I’m involved in the South Carolina Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership organization as a volunteer. I’m a 2016 alumna at HOBY SC and at the World Leadership Congress, and I have served with four out of the last five years’ SC state seminars (2020 excluded for unspeakable reasons).


I enjoy talking to people about the big questions in life, such as where we come from, whether God exists, and what happens after death. Here’s a beautifully illustrated resource on some of these questions: