Hello 👋, I'm Linus.

Linus at Berkeley SkyDeck

I love working with student entrepreneurs who are chasing deep, interesting problems with technology and design.

I'm a software developer and designer by trade, but work across venture capital, business, marketing, software engineering, and design to help grow students into founders, and new ideas to startups.

If you're curious about what I do day-to-day, start with this blog post, about communities, missions, and student entrepreneurs.

What I'm doing now

I'm currently studying computer science at University of California, Berkeley.

This summer, I've joined Repl.it as a frontend engineer for the summer, working on user interfaces and JavaScript infrastructure for one of the best places online to learn and experiment with programming.

I'm also ...

Get in touch

I'm in lots of places, almost always as @thesephist, and I check most of these on at least a weekly basis.

If you'd like to reach out to me, please feel free to message or mention me on any of these platforms above. I'll try to get back to you in a reasonable timeframe. If you really must use email, you can also reach me at L7 [at] berkeley.edu.

What I've done so far

I don't really have a portfolio handy, but you can check out an informal, comprehensive list of my personal projects going back to 2013 on my archive of projects, with topics ranging from theoretical physics to music and design to writing, linguistics, software, startups, poetry, and teaching.

Before my time at Berkeley, I was also a member of The Anvil's executive team at Purdue University, helping run The Boiler startup accelerator and other events around student entrepreneurship on Purdue campus.

Between high school and undergrad, I worked as a software engineer at Spensa Technologies, an Indiana startup in precision agriculture acquired in 2018 by DTN, first as an intern then a full-time engineer. I worked on web / UI, performance, developer tools, and frontend infrastructure.

When I first came to Berkeley, I spent a year as a Community Manager at CatalistX, which runs BearX, a portal for entrepreneurs, students, and the Berkeley community around Cal's startup ecosystem.

I also served as the sole developer and graphic designer for TEDxPurdueU, a small team that organizes TEDx licensed events on Purdue University campus year-round.

What I'm doing next

Each year, I set 8-10 concrete goals to work towards. You can find my goals for 2019 here, on my Medium.


You can download a copy of my resume here. You can also check out a Markdown file of past experiences and skills, which contains the same information. My GitHub and Behance may also be useful.

- Linus 🚀