Pieces of work. . . last updated Fri, 14 Dec 2001

Yo, I didn't say what kind of pieces of work. Good stuff? abysmal? worth ANYTHING at all? You decide.

All I offer now are written pieces of work. You can visit my Astronomy Lab website to (possibly) see some of my lab reports (because we all know that reading someone else's scientific lab report on a Saturday afternoon is wicked good fun). I hope to get audial pieces of work of me playing the carillon up pretty soon. Maybe I'll find a way to get some RealVideo of me dancing on here, too.   :P


Dec 2001: Music History of the 18th and 19th centuries, symphony paper. Sounds and Interactions: a study of three symphonies in B-flat major

Dec 2001: Plant Morphology, term paper. Observations on Salvia splendens, Scarlet Sage

August 2001: American Deaf Culture, final paper. Argueing against cochlear implants

Dec 1999: Dionysus and Ancient Greek Drama, final paper. Discovering the Dionysian Experience in Ballroom Dancing

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