Laryn Qi

I'm a 5th-year Master's student in EECS at UC Berkeley. Prior, I received my Bachelor's in CS and Music at UC Berkeley. You can find my coursework here.

Currently, I'm interested in CS Education, CS Theory, and Machine Learning.

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larynqi [at] berkeley [dot] edu
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Cuts on Graphs: Applications and Variations
Josh Jones, Brandon Tran, Laryn Qi
CS 270, Spring 2023

We present a survey on state-of-the-art cut algorithms. Topics and problems covered include  Fair Cuts,  Minimum Balanced Cut,  and  Sparsest Cut.

eecs CS 61A: The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Lecturer: Summer 2022
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Head TA: Spring 2023, Fall 2022, Spring 2022
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TA: Fall 2021, Summer 2020
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Tutor: Summer 2021, Spring 2021, Fall 2020
Academic Intern: Spring 2020
eecs CS106A – Code in Place: Programming Methodologies
Section Leader: Spring 2021, Spring 2020
Awards & Honors

[Spring 2023] Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (OGSI) Award.

[Spring 2023] Top 6.5% in CS 189 (Machine Learning) Kaggle competition (>700 students). Trained an SVM model to classify CIFAR-10 data with 56% accuracy.

[Fall 2021] Top 6% in CS 170 (Algorithms) Final Project competition (>700 students). Designed a greedy algorithm implemented with dynamic programming to approximate an NP-hard problem. Generated and tested heuristics on the cloud.

[Spring 2021] Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE). International CS Honor Society. Top third of Berkeley CS majors.

[Spring 2020] CS 61A Outstanding Academic Intern. Awarded to top 9 out of over 130 Academic Interns for exemplary teaching.

Work Experience

Amazon, Threat Intelligence
Software Development Engineer Intern, Summer 2021

Campus Organizations

Project Manager, Software Developer

Computer Science Mentors
Intro CS & Data Structures Mentor

Extended Reality @ Berkeley
VR DeCal Facilitator

AFX Tech
Project Lead, Software Developer

University Wind Ensemble

University Chorus



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