Student (Mini)Seminar on
Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
through Macaulay2

Tuesdays 3:45pm-5:30pm, 939 Evans Hall

Date Speaker Title
April 4
(Faculty CAAG)
David Eisenbud
Jeremy Gray
F. S. Macaulay's work in Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry I & II
April 11 Ritvik Ramkumar
Martin Helmer
3:45-4:30pm: Crash Course on Characteristic Classes
4:40-5:30pm: Intersection Theory and Characteristic Classes using Macaulay2
April 18 Chris Eur
Justin Chen
4:00-4:30pm: Crash Course on Matroids
4:40-5:30pm: Computations on Matroids using Macaulay2
April 24 (Monday)
4-5pm in 891
Mahrud Sayrafi Computations in Local Rings using Macaulay2
April 25
(Faculty CAAG)
Bernd Sturmfels
Brian Osserman
3:45-4:45pm: Sixty-four Curves of Degree Six
5:00-6:00pm: Generalized Cayley-Chow Coordinates and Computer Vision
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Since you're interested in Macaulay2 activities in Berkeley:

Stillman's Conjecture and other Progress on Free Resolutions

a workshop at Berkeley organized by David Eisenbud, Sonja Mapes, Hal Schenck, Branden Stone, David Swinarski, and Amelia Taylor,
July 17-21, 2017.