1. Individuals Present
    1. Deepika
    2. Christine
    3. Monica (individual)
    4. Jessica (intern for Senator Kathy Tran for Mental Health and Safety Department)
    5. Kat (individual)
    6. Sally (individual)
    7. Christine (Educational 190)
    8. Zayne (AAVP Policy Mental Health Department)
    9. Allison (AAVP Department of Events and Projects)
    10. Grace (You Mean More)
    11. Jocelyn (Secretary for Mind, Body, and Nutrition)
    12. Anisha
    13. Lily (from Sina Rashidi’s Mental Health Action Plan)
    14. Keerthi
    15. representative from SSPCS
  2. MHC announcements (calendar)
    1. Whooo Town Hall!
      1. student feedback on mental health services
        1. DSP, wait times, UCPD
        2. November 3rd from 7 to 9 pm
      2. Social Media Push TONIGHT
        1. cover photos, profile pictures
      3. if you can’t make it, email us!
      4. will have a second mental health towel on Thursday from 5 to 7 on November 13
      5. this is how we will update Mental Health Action Plan
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        1. list of recommendations of what to change in our school to the administration
        2. send past year’s mental health action plan to everyone!
        3. want to submit a proposal for a tangible change and get funding
    2. ASUC Kathy Tran
      1. Body Love week next week
        1. Monday display of why mental health is important and fill in the blank (I am….)
          1. Food security
        2. Tuesday coffee chat
    3. AAVP Policy
      1. wants Mental Health information to provide contact resources for mental health for all of the UCs
        1. UCSA picked mental health as their campaign (How are you?)
    4. SSPC on Wednesday October 28 at 2038 VSLB from 7-9 pm
      1. Untold Stories
        1. opened to everyone
    5. You Mean More have Mental Health Monologues
      1. deadline for admissions is this Thursday
      2. will start selling tickets
    6. Big Ideas at Berkeley
      1. apply for improving student life
        1. target freshman
          1. implement mandatory health class once a week (15 minute)
            1. Berkeley Know Hows
            2. teach them about resources in community
        2. matched with people like you and talk to each other anonymously
      2. need people to help out with research
  3. Town Halls Outreach: (meeting)
    1. PHC: Ariana Naaseh and Meghna Grover
    2. MPHC and NPHC: individual at meeting will reach out to us
    3. IFC: Jimmy Stewart
    4. Co-ops: Sheena Paul
    5. ResHalls:
    6. Senators: senate@asuc.org
    7. VRA:
    8. Sproul: Senators are sprouling flyers!
    9. UHS: Wellness Committee via Deepika
    10. GA: Wellness Committee via Deepika
    11. Mental Health Organizations:
    12. Daily Cal coverage:
  4. Town Halls Internal Planning (meeting)
    1. they’re emotionally draining
    2. community agreements at beginning
      1. material will be triggering
      2. feel free to leave
      3. maybe at beginning trigger warning descriptions for each speech
    3. Trigger Warnings:
    4. Structure:
  5. Half of Us Social Media Campaign (meeting)
    1. Cover photos for town halls
    2. Profile photos, what do we want to do
  6. Calendar for Fall Semester:
    1. October:
      1. Mental Health Resource Consolidation Project: complete it
        1. Office of President worked on it last year
        2. want all mental health resources there
        3. one stop shop website
        4. should include calendar of events going on
        5. break down organizations by categories
        6. intersectionality
          1. Senator Kathy Tran
    2. November:
      1. Early: Half of Us Social Media Campaign
        1. “I’ve taken the pledge”?
      2. Nov 3: Mental Health Town Halls
      3. Nov 7: Students of Color Conference
        1. community agreements
        2. acknowledge intersectionalities
        3. Christine: Irvine conference
      4. Complete Mental Health Action Plan. Have Senate endorse it.
    3. December:
      1. Student orgs: wellness week (AAVP←-also has wellness weekend)
        1. Avoid outdoor events
        2. AAVP: llama
        3. PAWS: Pet the doggies?
        4. with all the mental health organizations
  7. Organization announcements