Tuesday, November 17

450 Eschelman

  1. Attendance

-Robin: Sina’s Office

-Frances: Co-Director of Sexual Assault; Rachel Schuster’s Office

-Hannah: Andre’s office


-Josh: YMM

-Leah: Alana’s Office

-Eugene: Melissa’s Office

-Maya: SSPC

-Deepika and Christine: MHC Co-Chairs

    1. Announcements
      1. External
        1. SSPC Suicide Awareness Week
          1. Tabling, handing out ribbons,
          2. Candlelit Vigil tomorrow night
        2. YMM: High School Outreach Program
          1. increasing mental health awareness
          2. currently reaching out to UCB NAMI
        3. Alana’s office: in progress program
          1. intersectionality of mental health/health/race
          2. geared towards high school students
        4. AAVP: Bearable Finals Week
          1. putting mental health resources on coffee sleeves
          2. collaborating with mental health organizations, contact MHC!
          3. See Merritt company Books for more info
      2. Internal
        1. Second Town Hall
          1. no admins/UHS, will be more of an opportunity for students to talk
        2. MLK Basement proposal
          1. Mental Health spaces proposal: getting more spaces of different mental health organizations
          2. currently working on proposal, should be done by Thanksgiving
        3. Merritt Company Books
          1. Tom Merritt, who runs a mental health resource company, contacted the coalition and provided free copies of his suicide awareness resource guide
          2. real time football odds movements oddslot football dropping odds compare soccer odds
          3. Tom is also open to coming in to do a talk potentially during Bearable Final Works
    2. Town Hall Recap / MHC Action Plan
      1. Break out into groups to discuss various recommendations for certain aspects of campus mental health
        1. Tang Center
          1. grievances: loss of funding for CPS, making scheduling counseling extra difficult for students


  • recommendation: making funding more transparent


          1. grievance: long wait time for appointment (urgency)
          2. grievance: website not updated
          3. grievance: primary care doctors going through medical history, can be triggering/wildly inappropriate
        1. First Responders/Emergencies
          1. grievance: UCPD might not be handling emergencies appropriately/with best sensitivity


  • recommendation: pressuring UCPD to get to sensitivity training


          1. grievance: admitting suicidal behavior → ejection from campus/institutionalization


  • recommendation: use of third party first responders, increasing awareness of these different resources


      1. DSP
        1. grievance: accomodations are sometimes not respected, esp. if they’re mental health-related
          1. there is a seminar for GSIs to address mental health/sensitivity, but they can be improved upon
        2. grievance: getting accommodations can be difficult, lack communication
          1. recommendation: getting more transparent in this process
      2. Professors/GSIs/Advisors
        1. grievance: sensitivity training
          1. need to be more effective
          2. general announcements during midterms/finals; need more communication