Results of UC Campus Student Mental Health Evaluations

The UC Students Association has released its report comparing mental health infrastructure across UCs. Check out the full report here.


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Sleep Infographics

As the semester winds down, Christine, one of our coalition co-chairs, wanted to share some graphics she made about the importance of developing good sleep hygiene. With finals approaching, it can be pretty tempting to pull all-nighters. The cons far outweigh the perceived benefits though, so make sure to get a good night’s rest […]

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11/17 Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 17

450 Eschelman


-Robin: Sina’s Office

-Frances: Co-Director of Sexual Assault; Rachel Schuster’s Office

-Hannah: Andre’s office


-Josh: YMM

-Leah: Alana’s Office

-Eugene: Melissa’s Office

-Maya: SSPC

-Deepika and Christine: MHC Co-Chairs



SSPC Suicide Awareness Week

Tabling, handing out ribbons,
Candlelit Vigil tomorrow night

YMM: High School Outreach Program

increasing mental health awareness
currently reaching out to UCB NAMI

Alana’s office: in […]

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AAVP Mental Health Resource

Kudos to the AAVP Office for designing this graphic! These are the 10 mental health resources which students find useful:

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10/20 Minutes

Individuals Present

Monica (individual)
Jessica (intern for Senator Kathy Tran for Mental Health and Safety Department)
Kat (individual)
Sally (individual)
Christine (Educational 190)
Zayne (AAVP Policy Mental Health Department)
Allison (AAVP Department of Events and Projects)
Grace (You Mean More)
Jocelyn (Secretary for Mind, Body, and Nutrition)
Lily (from Sina Rashidi’s Mental Health Action Plan)
representative from SSPCS

MHC announcements (calendar)

Whooo Town Hall!

student feedback on mental […]

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10/06/15 Meeting Minutes


-Senate tomorrow: encourage offices to publicize MHC. Email senate separately when there’s an MHC meeting.

-Heads of Mental Health Organizations: email them separately

-Individuals: ASUC Sprouling (flyers), Social Media

-Mailing List: check


Other Tasks:

-Town Halls (get a date and room)+ Social Media Campaign. Elissa.

Social Media Campaign: Video + Profile Pictures

-Display on Sproul (potentially 10/20 and 10/21)

-YMM Mental Health […]

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9/15/15 Coalition Minutes

Mental Health Coalition Meeting: September 15, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Who Is Present

Christine Nguyen
Deepika Dilip
Nina (Mind, Body, and Nutrition Club)
Michelle (Body Peace)
Keerthi (Sina Rashidi’s Office)
Mempereet (on her own)
Malika (on her own)
Karen (on her own)
Justine (AAVP Mental Health Policy Director)
Dax (Wellness Committee)
Individual (Humans of Berkeley)

Before the Meeting

Getting involved with Sina’s Mental Health Fair on Lower Sproul
Who […]

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